We Live In A (film) Society

Welcome to the (film) Society led by friends and co-hosts Sharilyn and Hannah. They're two funny and passionate gals who love to indulge in and share their love of movies and media. But they're also exploring why we, as humans in a society, love and connect with movies.

Sometimes there will be guest experts, in and out of the film industry, invited onto the show to share their expertise and insight to add another perspective to the conversation.

They talk script and character analysis, filmmaking tools and strategies, social and cultural beliefs and practices, and generally what makes a film interesting and impactful (with occasional fart jokes).

The show covers the full span of film culture from popular movies, the classics, obscure indie films, international flicks, to whatever is freshly streaming!

Thanks for joining, and welcome to the conversation, friends.

Feel free to reach out to the show at WeLiveInAFilmSociety@gmail.com